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Bio-based Product Research

Separations and Other Supporting Process Technology

PNNL designs, develops, and deploys integrated processing suites to produce high-value chemicals and fuel components from agricultural biomass and other low-valued feedstocks. These systems often require new processing concepts and systems development, and PNNL addresses all of the steps in the complete processing scheme, from feedstock pretreatment to purified product recovery.

Applications include:

  • Efficient separation of low-value fiber or animal waste products into starch, sugar, lipid, and protein fractions while minimizing unwanted by-products
  • Selective recovery/removal of chemical products and contaminants from aqueous and gaseous streams to increase process yield and purify products
  • Development of miniaturized unit operations and processes on microtechnology architecture for cost-effective production of chemicals and treatment of wastes

Our capabilities include bench and pilot scale facilities for development of separation processing steps and the related chemical analytical support. In support of these pretreatment and separations processes we have undertaken basic studies using NMR analysis and have developed methods to better follow the hydrolysis of complex carbohydrates and the extraction of valuable compounds.

Bio-based Product Research

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