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Bio-based Product Research

Unique Facilities

PNNL's advanced bio-based products research is due in large part to the distinctive equipment and facilities at the Laboratory. These resources are found within the Process Sciences and Engineering Division.

PNNL's laboratories offer advanced chemical analytical equipment and chemical and biochemical reactor systems.

  • The Physical Sciences Laboratory houses 22 labs for conducting a wide range of research, including catalyst formulation, chemical analysis, laboratory-scale reaction engineering, and biochemical process development, as well as environmental characterization and risk assessment.
  • The Chemical Engineering Laboratory contains high-pressure reactor systems for chemical process development typically involving catalysts and hydrogen.
  • The Chemical Process Development Laboratory also contains high-pressure chemical reactor systems, which operate on a larger scale.
  • The Process Development Laboratory-East is a high-bay pilot plant facility including biomass processing, supercritical fluid processing and high-pressure chemical processing systems.
  • The Mobile Process Engineering and Demonstration Unit is a trailer mounted chemical processing system for onsite industrial process testing. It is a fully-instrumented high-pressure system with heat recovery and minimal setup requirement.
  • The Environmental and Molecular Science Laboratory is a large multipurpose laboratory building containing state-of-the-art chemical analytical equipment, which is used in support of the bio-based Products Research at PNNL.

The Bioproducts, Sciences, and Engineering Laboratory will be a 57,000 gross square foot multipurpose facility and home for PNNL Bio-Based Product Research. It will allow the many capabilities at the Lab to be brought together at one site.

Bio-based Product Research

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