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Bio-based Product Research

Environmental and Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL)


EMSL is a large multipurpose laboratory building containing state-of-the-art chemical analytical and processing equipment, which is used in support of the bio-based Product Research at PNNL. This equipment includes a 450-milliliter Parr Bomb reactor used in chemical process and catalyst tests. Numerous chemical analytical systems are also used including ion chromatography for organic acid determination and inorganic contaminant analysis, elemental analysis by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for chemical product determination, general use x-ray powder diffraction for material stability assessments, and catalytic material and activity assessments using the RXM-100 test stand. In total the EMSL contains a $250 million investment, much of it in one-of-a-kind analytical equipment, which is available as a user facility through a proposal process described at the EMSL website.

Bio-based Product Research

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