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Bio-based Product Research

Bioproducts, Sciences, and Engineering Laboratory (BSEL)

BSEL Computer Rendering

The BSEL is a multipurpose research and development facility that includes operating space for all activities required to advance the science and engineering of processes for bio-based product manufacture. The building is located on the campus of Washington State University (WSU) Tri-Cities, approximately one mile south of the main campus of PNNL.

A key feature of the BSEL is the Biorefinery, which is a 2500-square-foot high-bay facility for integration and scale-up of the various processing steps in bioproducts manufacture. In addition to the Biorefinery, the BSEL includes

  • high-pressure catalytic reactor rooms (for hydrogenation and other chemical processing)
  • bioprocessing labs for development and engineering of fungal fermentations
  • supporting wet chemical labs for synthesis and preparation of catalysts and feedstocks
  • the Combinatorial Catalysis research laboratory
  • analytical chemistry including chromatography and spectroscopy, and
  • process engineering research and development.

As a part of the WSU Tri-Cities campus, the BSEL has a key role in education. It contains both classrooms and teaching laboratories and it houses faculty, their research labs and space for graduate student research.

Learn more about the BSEL (.pdf, 1.1mb).

View of the current status of the construction site.

Bio-based Product Research

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