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Atmospheric Science & Global Change

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Brinda Yarlagadda

Human-Earth Sys Sci: Modeling
PhD Intern

PNNL Publications


  • Birnbaum A., J.R. Lamontagne, T. Wild, F.C. Dolan, and B.N. Yarlagadda. 2022. "Drivers of Future Physical Water Scarcity and its Economic Impacts in Latin America and the Caribbean." Earth's Future 10, no. 8:Art. No. e2022EF002764. PNNL-SA-170875. doi:10.1029/2022EF002764
  • Liu Y., D. Tong, J. Cheng, S.J. Davis, S. Yu, B.N. Yarlagadda, and L. Clarke, et al. 2022. "Role of climate goals and clean-air policies on reducing future air pollution deaths in China: a modelling study." The Lancet Planetary Health 6, no. 2:e92-e99. PNNL-ACT-SA-10540. doi:10.1016/S2542-5196(21)00326-0
  • Yoon J.J., P. Romero-Lankao, E.Y. Yang, C. Klassert, N. Urban, K.E. Kaiser, and K. Keller, et al. 2022. "A Typology for Characterizing Human Action in MultiSector Dynamics Models." Earth's Future 10, no. 8:Art. No. e2021EF002641. PNNL-SA-170057. doi:10.1029/2021EF002641


  • Wild T., Z. Khan, L. Clarke, M.I. Hejazi, J.C. Lacal Bereslawski, M.P. Suriano, and P. Roberts, et al. 2021. "Integrated Energy-Water-Land Nexus Planning in the Colorado River Basin (Argentina)." Regional Environmental Change 21, no. 3:62. PNNL-SA-155381. doi:10.1007/s10113-021-01775-1
  • Wild T.B., Z. Khan, M. Zhao, M.P. Suriano, J.C. Lacal Bereslawski, P. Roberts, and J. Casado, et al. 2021. "The Implications of Global Change for the Co-Evolution of Argentina’s Integrated Energy-Water-Land Systems." Earth's Future 9, no. 8:Article No. e2020EF001970. PNNL-SA-165243. doi:10.1029/2020EF001970


  • Yu S., B.N. Yarlagadda, J.E. Siegel, S. Zhou, and S.H. Kim. 2020. "The role of nuclear in China’s energy future: insights from integrated assessment." Energy Policy 139. PNNL-ACT-SA-10412. doi:10.1016/j.enpol.2020.111344

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