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Atmospheric Science & Global Change

Integrated, Multi-Scale Modeling

PNNL develops and applies a wide range of atmospheric, climate, human, and Earth system modeling tools to address complex questions at a variety of spatial and temporal scales. Many of these tools are state-of-the-art community models that include contributions from researchers around the world. PNNL's focus is on increasing the accuracy and utility of these models, often by leveraging our measurement capabilities to represent human and Earth systems with increasing detail, complexity, and fidelity. In addition to models that support our Aerosols, Clouds, and Precipitation research, we advance understanding of atmosphere, Earth and water processes at regional to global scales important for predicting climate and water variability and extremes. We are leaders in developing integrated modeling systems that bring together human and natural systems, with a particular emphasis on the integrated water cycle and the nexus of climate, energy, water, and land systems. Ultimately, we use these tools to address key scientific challenges and answer important policy and resource management decisions.

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