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Community Model (WRF-Chem): Modularity and Interoperability

The Problem:

WRF-Chem, as with many models, is somewhat modular. However, the original structure of the code coupled many aerosol processes together into "aerosol models". For use in the Aerosol Modeling Testbed, an "aerosol process" approach is needed that enables treatments to be added that are compatible with other parts of the code.

Problem: WRF-Chem modular structure resulted in aerosol processes contained in aerosol models

WRF-Chem problem

The Solution:

WRF-Chem is under-going modifications to make specific aerosol processes interoperable. We have already created a driver that computes aerosol optical properties for both modal and sectional representations of the aerosol size distribution in a consistent manner. Dry-deposition has also been made modular and interoperable in a similar manner. Nucleation and coagulation are other processes that are candidates to be made interoperable.

Solution: WRF-Chem modifications will make specific aerosol processes interoperable

WRF-Chem solution

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