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Testbed Cases: MILAGRO Dataset

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The availability of field campaign data has always been an issue that hinders adequate model evaluation, because measurements are usually located at multiple internet sites or must be obtained directly from the principal investigator. The time required to access and consolidate this disjointed mass of data is excessive, and unfortunately limits the usefulness of field campaign data for the modeling community. The Aerosol Modeling Testbed collects this information into a single database and eliminates this task for scientists.

A wide range of meteorological, chemical, and aerosol measurements were collected during the MILAGRO field campaign and are maintained in separate archives. DOE maintains a ftp site that contains data from its airborne instrumentation. NASA maintains a web site that archives data collected from instrumentation supported by NASA as well as a portion (but not all) of NSF airborne instrumentation. The NCAR data portal is a web site that contains data from NSF ground instrumentation as well as some data from DOE and Mexican investigators. Data files vary in format both within and among these three sites. There are also numerous other resources available that archive routinely collected meteorological, chemical, and particulate data relevant to MILAGRO.

These data have been assembled into a single database that employs a common format for the Aerosol Modeling Testbed. Details of the MILAGRO testbed case measurements and procedures for converting data into the common format are described in our Data Document. Please contact us for information on downloading the MILAGRO data set.

See the Download Page to obtain the dataset. (coming soon)

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