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Additional Testbed Cases

Because MILAGRO focused on aerosol evolution in the absence of clouds, cases are needed that provide data on cloud-aerosol interactions. CHAPS/CLASIC, VOCALS, and ISDAC are recent campaigns supported by DOE's ASP and ARM programs that collected measurements both inside and outside of various types of clouds. CARES will obtain information on secondary organic aerosols and aerosol mixing state influenced by both anthropogenic and biogenic sources.

CARES/CalNex 2010: evolution of carbonaceous aerosols and their optical properties CARES 2009 CHAPS/CLASIC 2007: processing of aerosols in shallow cumulus clouds CHAPS/CLASIC 2007
VOCALS 2008: processing of aerosols in marine stratocumulus clouds VOCALS 2008 ISDAC/ARCTAS 2008: processing of aerosols in mixed-phase clouds ISDAC 2008

Field campaigns to be included in the Aerosol Modeling Testbed

Aerosol Modeling Testbed

ACI Initiative

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