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The Aerosol Climate Initiative has a management structure that incorporates an initiative lead, senior advisors for climate science and for aerosol chemistry, three focus area leaders, and principal investigators for each project within the three focus areas. The advisory committee includes four members external to PNNL.

Advisory Committee

  • Graham Feingold (NOAA)
  • Paul DeMott (CSU)
  • Jean Futrell (PNNL)
  • Deb Gracio (PNNL)
  • Ruby Leung (PNNL)
  • Sasha Madronich (NOAA)
  • Peter McMurry (U Minn)
  • Ann Miracle (PNNL)

Initiative Team & Project Leads

  • Steve Ghan, Initiative Lead
  • Phil Rasch
  • Jerome Fast
  • John Shilling
  • Xiaohong Liu
  • Rahul Zaveri
  • Mikhail Ovchinniikov
  • Dan Cziczo

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