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Cloud Resolving Model with Size Resolved Microphysics for Aerosol and Cloud Research

Principal Investigators: Mikhail Ovtchinnikov and Jennifer Comstock

Simultaneous knowledge of aerosol and cloud properties such as aerosol composition, size, and cloud phase and the chemical and physical processes that occur as aerosols and clouds interact is the key to understanding the influence of aerosols on the Earth's climate. In an effort to better understand aerosol-cloud interactions, this project will develop a three-dimensional cloud resolving model with size resolved aerosol and cloud liquid water and ice properties and explicit microphysical processes that allow interaction between the aerosol and cloud size distributions. It will include explicit representation of homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation of water droplets and ice crystals, and will be designed to include a unique set of microphysical modules that allow us to directly compare explicit microphysical processes with simpler "bulk" schemes in a consistent dynamical framework. In addition to model development, this project includes the development of a set of tools for model evaluation, including an instrument simulator.

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