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Measurements and Instrumentation

Focus Area Lead - Dan Cziczo

Models must be validated with observations and accurate measurements. Assessments of aerosol-cloud interactions and of the greater impact of aerosols on the climate system rely on state-of-the-art instrumentation and measurement capability. PNNL draws on sophisticated instrumentation in the laboratory, field, and air to accomplish these tasks. PNNL currently has a broad range of available instrumentation, and is actively involved in the acquisition, use, and evaluation of key instruments for determining the chemical, physical, and optical properties of atmospheric aerosols. These instrumentation suites are applied to PNNL's breadth of field and laboratory work.

State-of-the-art facilities allow us to carry out laboratory investigations and to participate in field studies. In light of emerging measurement and instrumentation needs, this project focuses on the development and enhancement of both ground-based and in situ instrument suites to maintain a world class capacity for aerosol research both in the laboratory and in the field. We are working to refine existing capabilities to measure aerosol composition, improving our remote sensing of aerosol optical properties, and developing capabilities to study ice nucleation properties.

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