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About PNNL

PNNL Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values

PNNL’s Values in Action

View our videos page for the stories behind the amazing scientific discoveries and world-changing technologies originating from PNNL, or click on the videos below to hear from staff describe how they are live our PNNL values.


We demonstrate Integrity when we:

  • Practice intellectual honesty, personal responsibility for our actions, and transparency in real or potential conflicts of interest
  • Employ a range of practices that characterize the responsible conduct of research
  • Conduct business with uncompromising adherence to our principles
  • Behave professionally, respectfully, honestly, safely, and sustainably
Doing greater good
Run Time: :59
Integrity at the Lab really stands out
Run Time: :36
Doing it right
Run Time: :24
Maintaining confidentiality
Run Time: 1:06


We demonstrate Creativity when we:

  • Foster innovation and creative thinking to address our customers’ most important objectives
  • Encourage and reward informed risk-taking
  • Treat failures as portals to discovery
  • Push beyond established boundaries
Good scientific impact
Run Time: :30
Finding solutions
Run Time: :25
Products, systems, concepts
Run Time: :34
Run Time: :24


We demonstrate Collaboration when we:

  • Communicate and share resources, practicing collegiality in scientific interactions
  • Harness the power of united and interdisciplinary teams to discover and solve the extraordinary
  • Find and align the best and diverse talent to solve the problem, both in thought and experience
  • Maintain an environment where all team members are heard and valued
Connecting knowledge
Run Time: :19
Raise the bar
Run Time: :23
Freedom to explore
Run Time: :49
New and efficient technologies
Run Time: :37


We demonstrate Impact when we:

  • Focus on delivering crucial outcomes for our customers and the nation
  • Lead positive change in the world to make it safer, sustainable, and more prosperous
  • Make and meet bold commitments with performance certainty
  • Serve humanity, giving it discoveries that change the way we think about the world
Training foreign nationals
Run Time: 1:32
Reducing energy consumption
Run Time: :53
Sustainable future
Run Time: :21
Protecting our science and nation
Run Time: :47


We demonstrate Courage when we:

  • Act as pioneers who overcome inertia in order to serve a greater purpose
  • Strive to do what is right, even if it is not expedient or popular
  • Adhere to our principles in the face of opposition
  • Willingly acknowledge our mistakes and seek to learn from them
Providing tough answers
Run Time: :34
Supportive management
Run Time: :32
Recruiting talent
Run Time: :55
Run Time: :47


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