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Dr. Katherine Calvin
Full Story | August 2015

Katherine Calvin Honored for Early Career Exceptional Achievement

Congratulations to Dr. Katherine Calvin who received a 2015 Ronald L. Brodzinski Early Career Exceptional Achievement award for leadership in research that integrates environmental and climate change research and their socioeconomic implications for the future. Calvin and other Science and Engineering Achievement awardees will be recognized at PNNL’s Pathway to Excellence Award Banquet in September.

Dr. Jim Fredrickson
Full Story | August 2015

Bacteria’s Conflicts Fuel Synthetic Ecology Research
PNNL scientist describes process in Science Perspective

In mixed populations of microbes, some bacteria, the "cooperators," dominate over others, the "cheaters." Cheaters use resources cooperators make and share, and the community suffers from depleted common resources. In Science, PNNL Laboratory Fellow Jim Fredrickson took on the tragedy of the commons in microbial communities. Understanding how microbes interact could help scientists design synthetic communities for use in biotechnology, turning tragedy into progress.

Dr. Grant Johnson
Full Story | August 2015

Grant Johnson Receives Early Career Achievement Award

Congratulations to Dr. Grant Johnson on receiving a 2015 Ronald L. Brodzinski Award for Early Career Exceptional Achievement. His technical developments apply directly to fundamental research in catalysis and energy storage materials. Bestowed annually in memory of Ron Brodzinski at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the award recognizes scientists who publish outstanding contributions to nationally important fields early in their careers.

Full Story | August 2015

Computer Focuses on Irregular Applications—with a Little Help from PNNL

The August 2015 issue of Computer, focused on “Irregular Applications,” owes its editorial direction to two guest editors: Antonino Tumeo, of ACMD Division’s HPC group, and John Feo, who recently rejoined PNNL as the new co-director of the Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing. In the issue, Tumeo and Feo take a holistic look at irregular behaviors in computing systems at all layers of the software and hardware stack. They also provided the magazine’s introduction and selected the featured articles, including one co-authored by Mahantesh Halappanavar, from ACMD Division’s Data Sciences group.

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