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Fe/V Redox Flow Battery Electrolyte Investigation and Optimization


Li B, L Li, W Wang, Z Nie, B Chen, X Wei, Q Luo, Z Yang, and VL Sprenkle.  2013.  "Fe/V Redox Flow Battery Electrolyte Investigation and Optimization."  Journal of Power Sources 229:1-5.  doi:10.1016/j.jpowsour.2012.11.119

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Recently invented Fe/V redox flow battery (IVBs) system has attracted more and more attentions due to its long-term cycling stability. In this paper, the factors (such as compositions, state of charge (SOC) and temperatures) influencing the stability of electrolytes in both positive and negative half-cells were investigated by an extensive matrix study. Thus an optimized electrolyte, which can be operated in the temperature ranges from -5oC to 50oC without any precipitations, was identified. The Fe/V flow cells using the optimized electrolytes and low-cost membranes exhibited satisfactory cycling performances at different temperatures. The efficiencies, capacities and energy densities of flow batteries with varying temperatures were discussed in detail.


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