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How low can you go?

PNNL scientists served as lead guest editors for a special issue of the Journal of Applied Radiation and Isotopes.

News Brief
PNNL researcher receives ACS awards

PNNL's Janet Bryant and her colleague at ecosVC received two ACS ChemLuminary awards at the national meeting in August.

News Release
CENATE names new director

PNNL's proving ground for emerging supercomputer technologies gets new leadership and seeks more input from researchers.

News Release
Seaweed-fueled cars? Maybe one day, with help of new tech

New ARPA-E funding in enabling PNNL to develop two different technologies that could one day enable cars to run on biofuel made from seaweed grown in the open ocean.

News Release
Public invited to vote on PNNL's top 'Science as Art' image

Polls now open to vote on PNNL's best 'Science as Art' image.

News Release
Let there be (connected) light

PNNL's Connected Lighting Test Bed is helping advance smart and energy-efficient connected lighting systems.

News Release
New insights into nanocrystal growth in liquid

PNNL researchers have measured the forces that cause certain crystals to assemble, revealing competing factors that researchers might be able to control someday.

News Release
Energy technologies get a boost toward commercial use

Six energy technologies that do everything from protect fish to monitor the health of flow batteries are getting a boost at PNNL with support from DOE's Technology Commercialization Fund.

News Brief
PNNL flood modeling helps DHS during busy hurricane season

PNNL flood modeling analysis is helping inform federal infrastructure planning and emergency response efforts this hurricane season.

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