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Internships in Computer Science, Statistics and Analytics

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The world is a rapidly changing place. New challenges are constantly emerging that require scientific exploration. The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Computational and Statistical Analytics division develops early career opportunities through internships by identifying and developing talented individuals for exciting assignments of the future. Our nation's growing emphasis in computational solutions for national security is creating outstanding career opportunities in fields that include:

  • Cyber security
  • Global security
  • Nuclear physics and engineering
  • Visual analytics
  • Natural language processing
  • Math and statistics
  • Computer science and engineering

At PNNL, we conduct core research in these fields in order to address the challenges that our nation faces. We deliver algorithms, data management, visualizations, data intensive information systems, and secure computing infrastructures to enable next-generation capabilities important for national security. We believe innovation is accomplished through a combination of experienced scientists and smart, creative young professionals.

My research experience at the lab has been phenomenal. I've acquired new skills and gained knowledge while working alongside great scientists. This internship has directed my career path in choosing to advance my education and research expertise by obtaining a doctorate degree."
Shyretha Brown, Jackson State University, PNNL intern


Applications for 2014 are currently being made available via the Jobs at PNNL website . PNNL is looking for university undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate interns, as well as faculty fellows. Internships and Fellowships will last a minimum of 10 weeks and will take place at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) facilities in Richland, Washington.

Job ID numbers

  • 302736 - Undergrad
  • 302737 - Masters Intern
  • 302747 - PhD Intern
  • 302748 - Post Bachelors
  • 302750 - Post Masters
  • 302752 - Post Doctorate
  • 302754 - Cyber Security, Undergrad
  • 302755 - Cyber Security, Masters Intern
  • 302758 - Human Computer Interaction, Masters Intern
  • 302759 - Human Computer Interaction, PhD Intern
  • 302756 - Natural Language Processing, Masters Intern
  • 302757 - Natural Language Processing, PhD Intern
  • 302783 - NSIP, Undergrad Junior
  • 302784 - NSIP, Undergrad Senior
  • 302785 - NSIP, Masters Intern
  • 302786 - NSIP, PhD Intern
  • 302787 - NSIP, Post Bachelors
  • 302788 - NSIP, Post Masters


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
P.O. Box 999, MSIN J4-32 Richland, WA 99352
Phone: 509-375-2599

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