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Scott Godwin

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Scott Godwin

Scott Godwin currently serves as General Manager for Program Strategy, Development and Support at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Mr. Godwin leads a unique group of professionals in National Security with a diverse collection of scientific, engineering, program management, business skills and expertise. He and his team deliver computational and statistically grounded solutions in national security, energy delivery and scientific discovery.

Education: Bachelor's in Finance and a minor in Accounting from Seattle Pacific University; Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Washington State University.

History: Before joining PNNL in 2009, Mr. Godwin spent 15 years at Microsoft Corporation in a variety of roles. As Managing Director he led Microsoft's Business Operations function, and oversaw the worldwide operations business management, control & compliance, venture integration, and change management activities. As Senior Director in the Microsoft Platforms Product Group (Windows, Windows Server, Windows Mobile, SQL) Mr. Godwin was responsible for business development, M&A, and execution of business strategy initiatives. While in this capacity he also helped shape and implement Microsoft's approach to competitive and regulatory pressures including the Consent Decree with the Department of Justice.

Recognition & Publications:

  • Acknowledged by Forbes magazine as the 2008 winner of the "Most Strategic Outsourcing Deal" (OneFinance Initiative)
  • Recognized for "The Most Important Shareholder Initiative in a Decade" (Motley Fool 3-08) leading the development of Investor Central
  • Awarded Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Achievement for Business Practices Excellence

Professional Affiliations: Chairman of the board of UNIDOS-Nicaragua, Board Treasurer — Liberty Christian School.

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