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Lawrence K. Chilton

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Lawrence K. Chilton

Lawrence Chilton is a Research Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory responsible for fundamental operations-oriented research in support of the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense and Department of Energy. At PNNL, Chilton leads the Statistics and Sensor Analytics group with a total of 38 researchers. With this group, Chilton has researched projects such as the Bayesian models for hyperspectral remote sensing and video information content analysis. Chilton's research interests include applied mathematics and video/image and signal procession.

Education: Ph.D. Operations Research from Air Force Institute of Technology; M.S. Space Operations from Air Force Institute of Technology; B.S. Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University.

History: Prior to joining the ranks of PNNL in 2005, Chilton taught various mathematics classes for four years and US Air Force Academy and for eight years at the Air Force Institute of Technology. Between teaching years, Chilton served as an Electronic Imaging Lab Chief at the NSA for two years, where he directed development of imagine, image procession and image analysis methods as well as production imaging supporting Department of Defense activities.

Recognition: NSA Scientific Achievement award.


  • 21 Publications
  • 18 Presentations

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