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Augustin (Gus) Calapristi

Photo of A. J. Calapristi
A. J. Calapristi

Gus Calapristi serves as a software project manager focusing on the development and deployment of Information Analytics tools developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He is responsible for planning and directing software engineering activities and teams, and provides support for information analysis requirements, architecture and conceptual system design. He works with external clients to define their operational needs and assists them with planning and technical activates for integration of these tools into their environments.

Mr. Calapristi's career spans nearly thirty years of diverse software development and management experience. He has directed the development and deployment of visualization and analysis software systems for multiple federal government organizations, including the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and other agencies responsible for national security. Additionally, he has led the software development activities for genomic and information analysis tools for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

Education: B.S. in Biology from Florida State University.

History: Before joining PNNL in 1996, Mr. Calapristi managed software engineering groups at Boeing Computer Services, Richland. These groups developed systems for enterprise level business management, technical data repositories, geo-technical data acquisition and analysis, and environmental compliance.

Publications: Authored or coauthored peer-reviewed publications and is a contributor to multiple patents in the area of information analysis and visualization.

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