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Computational & Statistical Analytics

Computer science, math and statistics are the foundational building blocks that are integral to chemical, biological, environmental, and nuclear sciences; energy efficiency, applied physics and engineering; and intelligence analysis. At PNNL, we use a distinctive approach to apply our basic research to solve grand challenges for our nation. We work in multi-disciplinary teams and our research transcends traditional domain boundaries and utilizes the best solutions and brightest minds to protect our nation's critical infrastructure, provide energy delivery solutions and solve grand challenges through scientific discovery.

Everyday, we advance computational and mathematical foundations to enable next-generation computational technologies using situational awareness, decision support, visual analytics, and predictive modeling using

  • Algorithms and programming models
  • Information and scientific data management, visualization and analytics
  • High performance computing tools and architectures
  • Data intensive information systems, distributed data processing pipelines and environments
  • Secure computing infrastructure

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