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National Security Directorate

Technical Capabilities

The National Security Directorate at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has a broad set of technical capabilities available to meet government and industry needs and challenges. More importantly, we leverage interdisciplinary teams to address our client's specific needs. Our ability to form teams of experts from across PNNL and team with other national laboratories, universities and industrial partners enables us to develop new and innovative tools that expand your ability to improve the quality of your products and processes and meet the challenges of securing the nation and preventing terrorism.

Graphic representation of Computational & Statistical Analytics Division capabilities

Computational & Statistical Analytics Division

statistics knowledge strategy cyber software visual analytics computing index Graphic representation of Systems Engineering & Integration Division capabilities

Systems Engineering & Integration Division

global deployed electronics nuclear systems sei index engineered systems Graphic representation of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences Division capabilities

Signatures Science & Technology Division

signatures index physics RadAnalysis analytical RadDetection

National Security Directorate

Technical Capabilities

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