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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Summit Meeting Series Cancelled

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has supported the annual Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Summit since 1996, with a focus towards providing a venue for technology developers, implementers, regulators and other interested parties to gather and work out needed safety, codes and standards issues related to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. At the outset of this very successful series, public hydrogen and fuel cell meetings were relatively rare and the technologies and related codes and standards not well developed. That situation no longer exists, as numerous activities are now underway, supported by many parties in both public and private sectors. Much progress has been achieved over the last decade.

DOE has therefore determined that its original objectives for the Summit meetings have been satisfied. The Department and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory wish to extend their gratitude to the numerous individuals who have participated in the Summit meetings over the years and thus shared in this considerable contribution to the industry. The spirit of cooperation and industry foresight was routinely noted as being unprecedented in attendee post-meeting surveys.

Thanks to all for a job well done!

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