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Washington Innovation Assessment Center (IAC) (web site)

Washington State University
569 Todd Addition
PO Box 644750
Pullman, 48 99164-4750 (map it)

General Description

For over a decade, the Innovation Assessment Center (IAC) at Washington State University has provided evaluation services to individuals and small businesses throughout the world. An IAC early stage market assessment will assist independent inventors and organizations to make informed decisions by helping them decide if they should make additional investments in the idea, make changes in their product to improve marketability, or invest in a different idea. The current package of services includes secondary market research, a feasibility analysis, and a keyword patent search combined into an integrated report. The assessment report is provided in both printed and electronic versions. Upon the completion of evaluation, if the innovation receives a 50% or greater probability of success rating, the inventor is then eligible for 20 hours of business consulting. Information packages and a fee schedule for the IAC are available on the website ( and from the contact listed above. The IAC at Washington State University is a service provided through the cooperative efforts of the EDA University Center and the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.

Assistance Available

Legal/Patent Services
The Preliminary Patent Search uses publications and records from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The Center's search report provides the patent number and abstracts of several patents that appear to be similar to each proposed invention. The Center provides a detailed written report and search results that can be provided via a variety of forms of digital media, e.g., computer diskettes, compact disks, etc.

Each Innovation Assessment Report provides detailed comments from (at least two) expert evaluators with experience in the field related to the innovation. Research about industry trends and competitors is also provided. Lastly, with the printed report, a “Tips and Traps Guide” for new inventors is included. All IAC personnel and expert evaluators are bound by non-disclosure agreements.


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Phone: (509) 335-8842
Fax: (509) 335-3851