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Volpentest HAMMER Training and Education Center (HAMMER) (web site)

2890 Horn Rapids Road
Richland, WA 99354 (map it)

General Description

HAMMER is a federal training facility and site located on the U.S. Department of Energy Hanford Site in Richland, Washington. It is on a 120-acre main campus and adjoins the 10,000-acre Hanford Patrol Training Center. The site is composed of numerous training and education props, aids and facilities. The training areas and props simulate hazardous environments and can be reconfigured to meet a variety of unique training requirements. It is one of the few centers in the world that has combined an extensive array of different training material in one campus-type setting. HAMMER can either develop and secure training programs for customers or merely rent classroom space and/or props for training programs. The center's credo, "The Training at HAMMER is as Real as it Gets," is especially appropriate and indicative of the realistic, hands-on training experiences available. HAMMER has concentrated its activities into five major areas including (1) Hanford Worker Training, (2) Emergency Planning, Management, Operations, and Response, (3) Security, (4) Recovery, and (5) Technology.

Assistance Available

HAMMER includes the following props and facilities: Above Ground Pipeline Props, Burn Building, Confined Space Prop, Crane & Rigging Pad, Dumpster Burn Prop, Emergency Vehicle Operations Course, Fall Protection Prop, Flammable Liquid Burn Pad, HAZMAT Pad, Liquid Petroleum Gas Burn Pad, Native American Cultural Site, Pond & Stream, Port of Entry Prop, Rail Tank Cars Prop, Railcar/Tanker/Truck Burn Pad, Search & Rescue Building, Six-Story Training Tower, Storage Tanks Prop, Structural Collapse Prop, Trench Prop, Vehicle Burn Prop and Waste Tank Prop. There are sixteen buildings on the HAMMER campus for classroom, hands-on training and administrative use. HAMMER's Administration Building is the largest building and includes, ten classrooms, the Hanford Safety Resource Library, two computer-based training rooms, a distance learning (video teleconferencing) center, administrative offices and a restaurant. The Al Alm Building is the second largest building. It comprises a 11,000 square-foot open bay with 20-foot ceilings, a large vehicle bay, six classrooms, and numerous practical training areas. The Volpentest Annex Building houses the radiological safety training classrooms and practical training areas. The Al Alm Annex includes three classrooms and a respiratory training practical area.


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