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Advancing frontiers, making progress

Over the past few issues, Breakthroughs has featured two of the four PNNL mission areas within the special section pages; those were energy and environment. In this issue, we focus on our discovery science mission. Fundamental research provides the foundation for the Laboratory's forays into unknown territory. Our mission: to advance science and technology that addresses our nation's most pressing energy, environmental and national security needs.

Many of us can remember the days of elementary science courses that had us experimenting with blocks, beakers and bunsen burners in attempts to better understand our world. For many researchers, it was those early scientific dabblings that sparked their imagination and led them here to discover. Supporting science education continues to be a focus for PNNL as our nation attempts to recruit the next generation of scientists. By sharing some the progressive and (at times) unusual discoveries here, we hope to demonstrate the need for this basic knowledge that starts with something simple...and eventually ripples into a life-improving invention. – LT

Writers for this edition: Sue Chin, Kathryn Lang, Denice Carrothers, Brittney Drollinger, Jonni Dron, Julie Gephart, Kristin Manke, Jodi Melland, Lynne Roeder, Virginia Sliman, and Andrea Turner.
Graphics: Chris DeGraaf, Nathan Johnson, Shannon Neely, Mike Perkins, and Elaine Schneider.

Breakthroughs Magazine

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