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History books tell us the Cold War between the United States and Russia has ended; however physical remnants, such as weaponry, still remain and must be stored or disposed of safely and securely. At the same time, developing countries may be considering nuclear weapons as a way to enhance their positions in the world. Nonproliferation, which involves ending the spread of nuclear weapons, contains many facets. Just as there are many reasons a country would want to develop, deny or hide nuclear weapons, there are many ways to approach nonproliferation.

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This issue of Breakthroughs contains a discussion between two PNNL national security experts about two very different approaches to nonproliferation: traditional and nontraditional. The special section highlights technologies and programs dedicated to ending nuclear proliferation.

In addition, you will find articles highlighting PNNL's efforts to interconnect the U.S. Eastern power grid, allowing real-time data to be shared for the first time; a patient safety study that resulted in improvements to hospital routines; and plans for PNNL's new coastal security program.

Writers for this edition: Janine Anderson, Andrea Harper, Katie MacFadzean, Diana Powell, Rosalind Schrempf and Ginny Sliman.
Graphic Design: Chris DeGraaf, Shannon Villarreal, Rose Watt and Justin Yonk.

Breakthroughs Magazine

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