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Breakthroughs Magazine

Science. It is the unique blend of fundamental research with creativity, intuition and perseverance. Inventors, on the other hand, are inspiring people who look beyond what is and, instead, ask what can be. The two are a powerful combination.

At Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, our inventors are mixing science with innovations to develop solutions that solve client problems. Our magazine, Breakthroughs, describes first-hand how we solve problems--from development of the compact disc technology and biobarriers that prevent vegetation growth on roadways to a process for turning corn into chemical used to make car bumpers. This informative magazine also will provide a glimpse into how the solid partnerships we've formed are turning problems into real solutions.

Inquiries regarding Pacific Northwest National Laboratory or Breakthroughs, should be addressed to

Jodi Hamm, editor
902 Battelle Blvd., MSIN K1-39
Richland, WA 99352
Telephone: (509) 375-6768
telefax: (509) 375-6550

Breakthroughs Magazine

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