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Atmospheric Sciences and Global Change
  • precipitating cloud at the start of the Madden-Julian oscillation

    The Roots of Moisture: Initiating and Propagating the MJO

    Using high-resolution regional modeling and field data, researchers at PNNL and collaborators found that the frequency of a large atmospheric wave's shallow-to-deep convective cloud transitions is sensitive to moisture buildup in the mid-troposphere and a large-scale lifting in the atmosphere. Simultaneous forces—the lifting and a decline in large-scale drying—result in moisture buildup leading to the initiation of the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO).

  • Dr. Ben Kravitz

    Ben Kravitz Receives IUGG Early Career Scientist Award

    Congratulations to Dr. Ben Kravitz, a postdoctoral researcher in atmospheric sciences at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, on receiving the Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) Early Career Scientist Award. Once every 4 years, this award is given to 10 outstanding early career researchers worldwide, Kravitz is one of two winners in the United States.

  • ARM Mobile Aerosol Observing System

    Win-Win Scores Bonus for the Atmosphere

    Scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Colorado developed a new method that simultaneously connects two critical properties: real refractive index, a measure of how much the particle interacts with light, and particle density. The new method scores the particle properties for a larger size-range while using existing measurements.The new method collects this vital information from widely available observations.

  • Cover of Geophysical Research Letters October 2014

    Cyclone Cold Wakes Apply Brakes

    Large cyclones drink in most of the ocean's warmth, leaving a cold water trail that slows following storms. PNNL and NOAA collaborators found that cyclones' rate of intensity slows when they interact with residual cold wakes from previous cyclones. And this process occurs often enough to change the mean intensification rate for cyclones in the world's major cyclone development areas.

  • Charlette Geffen

    Geffen Elected to UCAR Board of Trustees

    Congratulations to Dr. Charlette Geffen, elected to the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Board of Trustees for a three-year term starting in 2015. Geffen, director of the Atmospheric Sciences & Global Change Division at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, will assist in determining the strategic direction of the corporation.

How do human activities and natural systems interact to affect the Earth's climate? Ultimately, that is the question challenging scientists in PNNL’s Atmospheric Sciences & Global Change Division.

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