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About PNNL
In 2011 PNNL and Washington State University partnered to pilot a program in which graduate students in selected areas would do part of their dissertation work at PNNL.

University Partnerships

Our engagement with university collaborators is a key part of our research strategy. We seek out partners with complementary strengths and work with them to achieve a greater impact than either institution would working alone.

Topical Institutes

The Laboratory has several joint research institutes on focused topics with university partners. These may be virtual or physical, and engage a significant number of both PNNL and university staff on large research problems.

PI-to-PI research collaborations

The foundation of our university interactions are those initiated by the principal investigators who reach out to colleagues around the globe to collaborate on specific projects. PNNL works to provide an environment where such collaborations are made as simple as possible, so the researchers can focus on what they do best.

About PNNL

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