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Joint Appointments

Thom Dunning

Thom Dunning co-leads the Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing, a partnership of PNNL and the University of Washington.

We value joint appointments with American universities and with colleagues who are leaders in their fields. Joint appointments increase both parties' access to new funding sources, graduate students, training opportunities, and unique instrumentation and facilities. They provide scientists with greater opportunities for multidisciplinary collaborations and allow both parties to draw on additional capabilities to strengthen their competitiveness. Joint appointments also enable PNNL to reach into these institutions for strong graduate and postdoctoral candidates, while providing the university's students with specialized opportunities at a national laboratory.

Current joint appointments with university professors and PNNL scientists are shown below.

Incoming Joint Appointments (university staff who have appointments with PNNL - as of 6-8-16)

Institution Appointee Area
Brown University George Karniadakis physical and bio systems
Montana State University William P. Inskeep soil and environmental chemistry
Ohio State University Wei Zhang materials science and engineering
University of California, Riverside Suveen Mathaudhu materials science
University of Washington Venkat Subramanian chemical engineering and clean energy
University of Washington Jim Pfaendtner alternative energy and biofuels, biomaterials, and molecular biophysics
University of Washington David A. Stahl microbiology
University of Washington Robert Houze atmospheric science
University of Washington Peter Pauzauskie materials sciences & engineering
Utah State University Lance Seefeldt fundamental science
Virginia Tech Michael F. Hochella geosciences
Washington State University Yuehe Lin nanotechnology
Washington State University John McCloy mechanical and materials engineering
Washington State University Yong Wang catalysis
Washington State University Brian Clowers national security
Washington State University Andrew Felmy catalysis
Washington State University Xiao Zhang biomass conversion to bioproducts and bioenergy
Washington State University Norbert Kruse chemical engineering catalysts
Washington State University Eric Nyberg applied materials and performance


Outgoing Joint Appointments (PNNL staff who have appointments with universities - as of 6-8-16)

Institution Appointee Area
Brown University Nathan Baker physical & computational sciences
Iowa State University Kirsten Hofmockel environmental biology
Oregon Health Sciences U. Karin Rodland biology
Oregon Health Sciences U. Dick Smith biology, mass spec
Oregon State University Ward TeGrotenhuis energy
Oregon State University George Muntean energy conversion, internal combustion engines
Oregon State University Justin Teeguarden health impacts and exposure science
Oregon State University Rick Corley health impacts & exposure science
Pennsylvania State University Karl Todd Mueller chemistry
University of Maryland Steve Smith climate science
University of Utah Elizabeth Jurrus scientific computing, image processing, machine learning and visualization
University of Washington David Asner high-energy physics
University of Washington Daniel Einstein computational biology
University of Washington Jim DeYoreo materials science
University of Washington Thom Dunning fundamental science
University of Washington Irvin Schultz environmental science and stress biology
University of Washington Zhaoqing Yang estuarine and coastal ocean modeling; ocean energy
University of Washington Nigel Browning materials science
University of Washington Mark Wigmosta hydrology
University of Washington Phil Rasch earth systems analysis & modeling
University of Washington Andrea Copping marine and hydrokinetic energy development and offshore wind development
Washington State University Stephen J. Callister biology
Washington State University Charles Timchalk health impacts & exposure science
Washington State University Wooyong Um environmental and geochemical sciences
Washington State University George Bonheyo biotechnology
Washington State University Sue Clark nuclear science
Washington State University Scott Baker biosystems dynamics and design
Washington State University Jie Bao experimental and computational engineering


Additional universities with whom PNNL has joint appointment agreements:

  • University of Delaware
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • University of South Florida


Bruce Simanton
Manager, Contracts

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