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Strategic Research Partnerships

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Partnerships are a vital part of research. At PNNL, our collaborators help us achieve greater results with higher impacts than we could working alone. The diversity of approaches and resources—which are provided by a rich set of partnerships—enable us to continue to expand the frontiers of science and provide solutions to the world's most pressing problems.

University Partnerships

PNNL has a large variety of university collaborations that are developed and managed by the investigators themselves. We work to provide an environment where researchers can focus on their research. Beyond those, we have topical research institutes with several key universities, and a few universities with whom we engage at the institutional level, inviting them to provide input into the Laboratory strategy.

Joint Appointments

To enable long term strategic collaborations with universities where we have significant complementary research strengths, we created a joint appointments program. Through this program, faculty and staff can be shared by PNNL and another institution allowing each of us to achieve our missions.

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