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PNNL's Environmental, Safety and Health Policy

Battelle Policy 1.6

At the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, we value human life above all else and strive to provide a workplace free of occupational injuries and illnesses. We value the environment and strive to protect it, the public and future generations from unacceptable risks resulting from its operations. PNNL fulfills these commitments through active identification, evaluation, prevention, and management of hazards and by striving to comply with the letter and spirit of all environmental, safety, and health laws and regulations.

PNNL Communicates our Commitment through Operational Excellence and Sustainability

Operational Excellence At PNNL, "operational excellence" means working passionately with our team every day to achieve success; learning from our experiences; doing our best to deliver products and services while maintaining our commitment to safety, health, and environmental stewardship; and giving our customers and the nation the greatest value for their investments.
Environmental elements of the policy are further articulated under the Sustainability Program. For example, the Site Sustainability Plan contains the environmental goals, action plans, and progress toward achieving the goals set forth by our DOE customer. In addition to reporting our environmental performance, Laboratory-wide social and economic performance and opportunities for improvement are provided in the Sustainability Report which adheres to strict Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. At PNNL we encourage our employees to be part of the solution—environmentally, socially, and economically. Learn more at the PNNL Sustainability website. Sustainability M&O Program

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